The 5th International Printing Technology Exhibition of China (Guangdong)

2023 is the first year of China's "complete unblocking of epidemic prevention and control". Opening up the country will not only make China's scientific and technological innovation develop faster and more powerfully, but will also bring in more foreign resources and help China's economic development enter a new stage. At the same time, the opening of the country will also bring more opportunities and challenges to SHANHE MACHINE, ushering in a "golden age" of development.

The 5th International Printing Technology Exhibition of China (Guangdong) is the first exhibition that SHANHE MACHINE participated in after the "complete unblocking of epidemic prevention and control" in China. During the five-day exhibition site, SHANHE MACHINE exhibited a total of 3 high-end intelligent post-press equipment, including HBF-170 Automatic High-speed Flute Laminating Machine, QLF-120 Automatic High-speed Film Laminating Machine, HTJ-1050 Automatic Hot Stamping Machine.


This exhibition showed SHANHE's brand image of "scientific and technological innovation, keep improving". Among them, the Full-auto High-speed Flute Laminator with its characteristics of intelligence, digitization, fully automation, energy saving and environment friendly, which is sold well all over the country and even the whole world. It not only puts new dynamism to “Made in China”, but also effectively push the carton and printing industry intellectual development and push many enterprises to successfully upgrade and transform themselves.


The Automatic High-speed Film Laminating Machine is exhibited for the first time at the exhibition after upgrading and transformation. It has a certain turning point and also represents the confidence and determination of "SHANHE’s Manufacturing" for the future. The machine is used to laminate film on the printing sheet surface (for example book, posters, colorful box packaging, handbag, etc.). Along with the increasing environmental awareness, oil-based glue lamination has gradually replaced by water-based glue. Our new designed film laminating machine can use water-based/oil-based glue, non-glue film or thermal film, one machine has three usages. Machine can be operated by only one man in high speed. Save electricity. QLF-110/120 is consist of auto shaft-less servo controlled feeder, auto slitting unit, auto paper stacker, energy-saving oil insulated-roller, magnetic powder tension controller (optional manual/automatic), hot air dryer with auto thermostatic control and other advantages. It’s an integration of intelligent, efficient, safe, energy saving and simple, is recognized by the majority of users.


The five-axis professional hot stamping machine exhibited this time combines three processes of hot stamping, embossing and die-cutting. It has high precise registration, high production speed, low consumables, good stamping effect, high embossing pressure, stable performance, easy operation, high production efficiency and other advantages. It has attracted the attention of customers at home and abroad, and reflects the charm of SHANHE MACHINE all the time.


In the future, SHANHE MACHINE will also actively face the development of the global market, focus on customer needs and market trends in the packaging and printing industry, and invest more research and development energy in post-press fields such as flute lamination, hot stamping, film lamination and die-cutting. And we are committed to manufacturing the best equipment to create value for clients, and continue to deepen research and development and technology precipitation to create "CHINA SHANHE", and let SHANHE MACHINE become a global post-press equipment manufacturer.


Post time: Jun-24-2023