Service tenet: “customer first, service first, reputation first, efficiency first”.

1. Technical support

Technical Support


① Providing placement consultation, planning and implementation of machine.

② Providing on-site assessment, measurement, planning, and proposal.

③ Providing system and run testing to maintain the normal operation of the machine.

Machine Maintenance


Providing after-sales services such as daily maintenance, regular maintenance, regular inspection and precision adjustment to extend the service life of machine and improve the equipment integrity rate:
① Providing professional service guidance, such as adjustment, fastening, basic cleaning, regular lubrication, etc., and provide detailed safety and maintenance clause documents for archiving.
② Regular visits to clients to eliminate faults in the process of mechanical operation, guide the replacement of vulnerable parts that have expired, and calibrate the balance and accuracy of equipment.
③ Regularly check and measure the actual machining accuracy of the machine to ensure that the machine is still high-speed and efficient after a period of use.

3. Retrofit and upgrade

Retrofit and Upgrade


① Continuously improve core competitiveness and provide in-depth value-added services.

② Upgrading machine according to the different demands of clients.

③ Improving the performance of mechanical operations, thereby playing the role of adapting to the working environment, reducing use costs, improving operating efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

Remote Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis


Carry out remote monitoring, management and diagnosis, and update program of problems existing during equipment operation or discovered later, to prevent production stagnation caused by factors such as mechanical operating failures, thereby ensure stable production of enterprises, and the rapid improvement of mechanical operation efficiency.

Remote Maintenance01

24 Hours Online Service


Our professional sales team provides services for customers, and provides you with any consultation, questions, plans and requirements 24 hours a day.

With a complete set of training mechanism and video teaching documents, it can effectively and quickly solve the problems of machine installation, debugging and training for clients, so that the equipment can be quickly used as soon as it is delivered. At the same time, SHANHE MACHINE is also equipped with multiple sets of effective maintenance and warranty plans based on years of online teaching experience with foreign clients, to assist clients to solve problems online in the first time, and effectively promote the improvement of equipment maintenance efficiency and quality. The accumulation of experience has become a major advantage of after-sales service.

Consumables and Spare Parts


① Sufficient spare parts: Years of manufacturing and business experience have enabled SHANHE MACHINE to have a clear understanding of consumable parts. When clients purchase machine, free consumable parts as spare parts are given away. When the parts of the machine are worn out, it is convenient for clients to replace parts in time, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment without stopping the machine.

② Consumables positioning: Using original parts can match 100% of the equipment, which not only reduces the trouble of looking for accessories for clients, saves time and cost, but also enables the equipment to quickly return to normal operation, making the machine more follow-up guarantee.

5. Consumables and spare parts
6. Installation, commissioning and training

Installation, Commissioning and Training


① SHANHE MACHINE is responsible for assigning professional engineer to install, initially debug, complete machine operation and various functional tests.

② After the installation and commissioning of the equipment is completed, be responsible for training the operator to work.

③ Providing free training on daily operation and regular maintenance of equipment.

Machine Warranty


During the warranty period of the machine, damaged parts due to quality problem will be offered free of charge.

7. Machine warranty
8. Transportation and insurance support

Transportation and Insurance Support


① SHANHE MACHINE has a long-term cooperative large transportation company to ensure that the equipment arrives at the client's factory safely and quickly.

② Providing assistance in handling insurance business. In international trade, machine need to be transported over long distances. During this period, natural disasters, accidents and other external reasons threaten the safety of machine. In order to protect clients' machine during transportation, loading, unloading and storage, we provide assistance to clients in handling insurance business, such as insurance against all risks, fresh water and rain damage, to escort for client’s machine.

Your benefits: high-quality equipment, mechanical optimization management suggestions, reasonable workshop layout, professional workflow sharing, high-speed and efficient machines, mature and complete process solutions, and competitive finished products.

We firmly believe that you will be impressed by the expertise of SHANHE MACHINE 's service team. Patient service attitude, correct process suggestion, skilled debugging and operation technology, and senior professional background will bring new growth impetus to your factory and brand.