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Automatic High Speed Flute Laminating Machine


The automatic high speed flute laminating machine is a hot product of Shanhe Machine, which has been successfully sold to printing, packaging, corrugated board, cardboard and other factories.

The machine is stable, mature and adaptable to meet the various production needs of customers. It’s suitable for the lamination between colorful printed paper and corrugated board (A/B/C/E/F/G-flute, double flute, 3 layers, 4 layers, 5 layers, 7 layers), cardboard or grey board.

Electric Components


Shanhe Machine positions HBZ machine upon the European professional industry. The whole machine uses international well-known brands, like Parker (USA), P+F (GER), Siemens (GER), Omron (JPN), Yaskawa (JPN), Schneider (FRA), etc. They guarantee machine operation’s stability and durability. PLC integrated control plus our self-compiled program realize the mechatronics manipulation to maximally simplify the operation steps and save labor cost.

Application Area

Shoe Box


Our flute laminator has the advantage of saving glue. The water content of the product laminated by it does not exceed the standard, and the product is smooth and stiff, which has professional advantages for the laminating corrugated board process for making shoe boxes.

Produced shoe box brands: Adidas, Nike, Puma, Vans, Champion, etc.

Beverage Packaging


Our flute laminator has the advantages of high production efficiency, large output, saving time and labor costs, and the products produced can meet the standards, which meet the production efficiency requirements of beverage packaging.

Produced shoe box brands: Pepsi, Yili, Mengniu, WongLokat, Yinlu, etc.

Jumbo Packaging


Because the packaging size of products such as TVS and refrigerators is large and the bottom paper is thick, the enterprise produces this kind of product is mostly lamination between colorful printed paper and corrugated board (double flute), 5/7ply cardboard.

For the characteristics of this kind of packaging, Shanhe Machine has developed a design of front edge conveyor, which provides a professional solution for the production of jumbo packaging.

Electronics Packaging


At present, so many companies have optimized and upgraded electronics packaging, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Foxconn, ZTE, etc. Shanhe Machine improved the way of coating glue on the corrugated board (G/F/E-flute) and cardboard to meet the packaging supply of fast selling electronics packaging.

Food Packaging


"Uni-President, Master Kong, Three Squirrels, and Daliyuan" and other brands of food packaging have high requirements for environmental protection and quality.

Therefore, our flute laminator has been systematically optimized in terms of stability, laminating accuracy, smooth paper feeding, etc., which provides good conditions for the production of food packaging.

Liquor Packaging


Regarding the production of liquor boxes, China is mainly concentrated in Sichuan, Jiangsu and Shandong provinces, and its packaging has high requirements for the precision of cardboard to cardboard laminating.

Shanhe Machine from the system, the glue method to the laminating process actively invested in a lot of research and development, there are many successful cases for customers to consult.

Fruit Packaging


Mango, lychee, watermelon and other fruit cartons are mostly lamination between colorful printed paper and corrugated board (4 ply double flute, thick flute), and 5ply cardboard. The bottom sheet feeding section of our flute laminator is designed with strong air suction, which is suitable for fruit cartons with thick bottom sheet. The products laminated by Shanhe Machine do not burst the glue and come off the board, and have strong load-bearing capacity.

Toy Packaging


As an important production base of toys in the world, Chenghai district of Shantou’s complete packaging industry chain and R&D innovation have created geographical advantages for the development of Shanhe Machine. SHANHE’s equipment is widely used in toy packaging production.

Our Customer

Our automatic high speed flute laminating machine is quite mature in configuration, technology, system and other aspects, which is widely used in packaging and printing industry, and successfully sold to Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia, Europe, South America etc., and won the praise of international friends.