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RTR-M1450/1650/1850/2050 Full-auto High Speed Multi-function Roll to Roll Laminator

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Full-auto High Speed Multi-function Roll to Roll Laminator is a high-speed stand-up model launched by our company, namely the model of coating and pre-coating, and is used for posters, books, packaging, handbags, etc.
The agency has a compact structure, a split design of the film coating part, and the independent thermal energy recovery circulating drying system. It can achieve a 150-meter ultra-high-speed film coating, the whole machine is compact, convenient and simple in operation, and has high reliability and degree of automation.

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Max. roll width 1450mm
Min. roll width 600mm
Max. roll diameter 1500mm
Paper GSM 100-450g/m²
Speed 80-120m/min
Max. roll weight 1500kg
Air pressure 7bar
Production power Appro*20kw
Total power Appro*78kw
Machine size L14000*W3000*H3000mm
Machine weight Appro*150000kg



Max. roll width 1600mm
Min. roll width 600mm
Max. roll diameter 1500mm
Paper GSM 100-450g/m²
Speed 80-120m/min
Max. roll weight 1800kg
Air pressure 7bar
Production power Appro*25kw
Total power Appro*88kw
Machine size L15000*W3000*H3000mm
Machine weight Appro*160000kg



Max. roll width 1800mm
Min. roll width 600mm
Max. roll diameter 1500mm
Paper GSM 100-450g/m²
Speed 80-120m/min
Max. roll weight 2000kg
Air pressure 7bar
Production power Appro*28kw
Total power Appro*98kw
Machine size L16000*W3000*H3000mm
Machine weight Appro*180000kg



Max. roll width 2050mm
Min. roll width 600mm
Max. roll diameter 1500mm
Paper GSM 100-450g/m²
Speed 80-120m/min
Max. roll weight 2500kg
Air pressure 7bar
Production power Appro*38kw
Total power Appro*118kw
Machine size L17000*W3000*H3000mm
Machine weight Appro*190000kg

Machine Details

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A. Roll Feeding Part

● Shaftless hydraulic base paper holder, hydraulic lifting.

● AB roll unwinding diameter Φ1500 mm.

● Internal expansion chuck: 3″+6″ inches.

● Italian RE multi-point brakes.

● Automatic splicer.

● Gantry hoisting.

B. Tension Correction System

● Star/followed or follow-line.

● The optical correction system.

● Tar tension control.

● The Germany import E+L correction system.

● Configure the pneumatic paper connection platform.

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C. Main Driver

● Main motor, 7.5KW from SEIMENS.

● Soldiers: oblique gear reducer.

● The main machine uses a 100mm wide synchronization with transmission, no noise.

D. Hydraulic Part

● Hydraulic system: Italy brand Oiltec.

● Hydraulic oil cylinder: Italian brand Oiltec.

● The main wall plate adopts enhanced 30mm thick steel plate reinforcement.

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E. OPP Film Roll Feeding Unit

● Frequency motor controls OPP tension to put the membrane uniformly.

● The constant tension control system.

F. Main Laminating Machine

● Man-machine interface, convenient operation, intelligent control.

● The internal electromagnetic roller heating system, uniform temperature.

● Femon grinding mirror φ420 roller to ensure the brightness of the laminating products.

● The temperature setting range can be set, up to 120 degrees.

● The adaptation of water-based glue, no glue film, pre-coating film.

(1) The diameter of the dry roller increases to the φ1200 film drying.

(2) Pneumatic-to-open opening structure, facilitated operation and daily maintenance.

(3) With a film-changing assistance lifting vehicle, it can achieve single-person independent operations.

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Oven: The vertical oven is combined with large-size φ1200 dry rollers and hot air direct blowing systems to achieve the maximum energy saving. The model saves 30% of the unique performance structure than the traditional membrane machine. Can be installed with external electromagnetic hoods (optional), more efficient drying.

The main machine is mainly composed of heating rollers (φ420) and pressure rubber rollers (φ300); thermal pressure roller uses intelligent constant temperature rollers to stabilize, which is 50% faster than the traditional heating method. In the case of high-speed film, it can ensure the heating roller surface. The temperature difference is accurate ±1°C, which completely eliminates problems such as uneven temperature surface temperature and oil leakage. The pressure rubber roller is controlled by cylinder voltage, and the pressure on the left and right sides can be adjusted separately as needed. The roller pressure can be adjusted up to 12T.

G. Main Transmission Part

● Tracking machine: oblique gear reducer.

● The host uses 100mm wide synchronization with transmission.

● The main transmission gear box 7 grades to teeth.

● Sonetic servo motor drive.

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H. Glue Part

● The full servo motor independent driver pair of roller coating.

● The host wall plate adopts a 30mm thick steel plate reinforcement.

● Proscopic traction system (completely synchronized increase and subtraction slowly).

● Synchronous belt drive.

● Tracking system.

● Independent glue supply system (reduce resonance, so as to achieve precision glue).

I. Glue Supply Part

● Spray Tyllora Dipsticking Materials.

● The full stainless steel material glue tank.

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J. Dry Part

Hot wind circulation system: The use of drying exhaust gas recycles and use recycled heating energy pre-heat the cold air before heating the cold air. While effectively reducing the temperature fluctuations of the hot air temperature of the oven, the unit consumption is greatly reduced, and the energy saving rate is as high as 30%-40% (according to seasons, local temperature, etc. The factors are fluctuating), and energy-saving effects in winter or cold areas are particularly obvious.

K. Surface Roll Collection Method Collection

● AC vector variable frequency control, 7.5kw of frequency conversion motors.

● The paper roll lifting is driven by dual-oil cylinder, including a hydraulic system.

● The paper core card buckle is installed with a set of switches, and logic control is performed through PLC to ensure the safety of operation.

● An 3 "Blay axes, including transmission gears and punching guns.

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L. CE Standard Independent Electric Cabinet

CE standard independent electric cabinet, imported electrical components ensure stability, less maintenance, the circuit is controlled by PLC, the button is less, the operation is simple, and the humanized design.

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