GUV-1060 High Speed UV Spot Coating Machine

Short Description:

GUV-1060 is available for spot and overall coating of both UV varnish and water-based / oil-based varnish. The spot/overall coating will be finished by covering rubber blanket or flexo plate on the roller. It’s precise and even in the spot coating. Machine can run maximally 6000-8000 pcs/hr.

Product Detail

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Max. Sheet

1060 x 740mm

Min. sheet

406 x 310mm

Rubber blanket size

1060 x 840mm

Max. Coating area

1050 x 730mm

Sheet thickness

100 - 450gsm

Max. Coating speed

6000 - 8000 sheet/hour

Power required

IR:42KW  UV:42KW

Dimension (L x W x H)

11756 x 2300 x 2010mm

Weight machine


Feeder height


Delivery height



Automatic Stream Feeder

● Max. Pile height: 1300mm.

● Accurate entry of sheets into varnishing unit.

● Double sheet detector.

● Miss-sheet control.

● Emergency stop.

● Barrier for foreign objects.

● Overrun safety device at feeder pile.

Gripper Varnishing Unit

● 7000-8000speed system.

● Varnish pump for continuous varnish circulation and mixing of varnish.

● Hand cranked lubricating device.

● Blanket rubber×1.

● 2-sets of clamp for blanker.

● SUS: 304 varnish tank with heater Q’TY: 1set.

● Capacity:40kgs.

UV Curing System

● 2 groups of U.V lamps control panel.

● Control panel.

● Full/half-lamp safety device.

● Safety control for over-temperature.

● UV leakage protection.

IR Drying System

● Electric heating high temperature system, supply heat, let the paint absorb.

● Special air-return design, wind pressure evenly distributed on the paper.

● Effectively help UV paint leveling, reduce orange peel result.

● IR lamp and reflector cover, focusing heat on the surface of the paper.


● Max. Pile height: 1350mm.

● Chain type hanging board loading platform.

● Exhaust system with exhaust blower & ducts to extract fumes.

● HMI with safety detection system.

● Sheet counter.

● Paper delivery part lifting limit safety device.

● Paper levelling device.

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