HMC-1650 Automatic Die Cutting Machine

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HMC-1650 is a special equipment for high-grade corrugated box and cardboard. It uses high strength gripper bars and advanced gripper structure; it can be applicable to all kinds of cardboard paperboard and corrugated paperboard.

Frontal/ back and side registration mechanism ensures great precision of die cutting. Other parts are adopted high precision intermittent mechanism, air clutch in quick action, pneumatic locking mechanism, programmable controller and man-machine interface; the interface can display various digital information of machine, such as working speed, amount of paper processed and total running time. It is easy to eliminate troubles according to the display of trouble shooting. The main host is controlled by inverter, stepless speed variation, and smooth operation.

Machine has many sensors and safety devices to guarantee the safety of operator and environment. Frontal and back die cutting pressure can be adjusted separately, manual wheel is easy to operating, the machine also can completed die cutting without gripper.

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Max. paper size (mm) 1650 (W) x 1200 (L)
Min. paper size (mm) 650 (W) x 400 (L)
Max. die cut size (mm) 1630 (W) x 1180 (L)
Min gripper size (mm) 6-12
Max die cutting pressure (ton) 450
Paper thickness (mm) 1.5-9
Max die cutting speed (pcs/hr) 5000
Total power (kw) 34
Total weight (T) 37
Overall size (mm) 9010×3465×2458 without platform
Rating 380V, 50Hz, 3-phase 4-wire.


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● The front plate can be adjusted up and down according to different paper thickness.

● Automatic adjustment of both sides of the plate, can quickly adjust the paper width in place, can also be used for position fine-tuning.

● Equipped with high pressure blower, air volume separate frequency control.

● New up graded lead edge feeder, more accurate and positive feeding, greatly increasing the paper adaptability.


● Rare jogger can play a buffer role to protect the board to reach the position without deformation, ensure die cutting accuracy.

● Equipped with high quality wear-resistant paper transfer belt.

● Pneumatic side push guide plate (right side only)

● Both side Convenient adjustment, save time

● Advanced phase adjustment mechanism, able to run in the process, do not stop adjust paper feed in place time, time-saving and efficient.

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● Crankshaft connecting rod type high precision plane movable die-cutting table.

● High stability upper platen fixed die-cutting table.

● High quality precision worm gear and the synchronous belt perfect combination of transmission, smooth and durable.

● High torque pneumatic clutch/break Famous brand multi cam intermittent transmission mechanism, improve machine life.High quality torque clutch protects INDEX from injury.

● Bevel pressure trimming device, the overall adjustment pressure range is + 1.5mm

● High quality, imported pre-stretched gripper bar driving chain Ensure the accuracy of the machine.


● Collection and uniform paper use linear bearing, simple structure making delivery perfect.

● Delivery unit with automatic elevator-platform and counter function.

● The machine can complete delivery process without stopping.

● 8 high quality precision alloy gripper bars, each with 12 specially hardened grippers to ensure firm grab of the sheet at high speed.

● Sheet arrival and departure check photo sensor connected with overall stock monitoring system.

● Center line system , makes the cutting and stripping centered quickly and precisely

● Big touch screen operation panel gives total control of the machine and graphic display machine parameters, job setting, fault diagnosis and etc., more direct and operator friendly.

● Automatic force lubrication system recycles fluid and is equipped with oil pressure gauge and alarm.

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