HMC-1080 Automatic Die-cutting Machine

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HMC-1080 Automatic Die-cutting Machine is an ideal equipment for processing box & carton. Its advantage: high production speed, high precision, high die cutting pressure. Machine is easy to operate; low consumables, stable performance with outstanding production efficiency. Front gauge positioning, pressure and paper size has automatic adjusting system.

Feature: available for cutting cardboard or corrugated board product which have colorful printing surface.

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Max. Paper Size(mm) 1080(W) × 780(L)
Min. Paper Size(mm) 400(W) × 360(L)
Max. Die Cut Size(mm) 1070(W) × 770(L)
Paper Thickness(mm) 0.1-1.5 (cardboard), ≤4 (corrugated board)
Max. Speed(pcs/hr) 7500
Die Cut Precision(mm) ±0.1
Pressure Range(mm) 2
Max. Pressure(ton) 300
Power(kw) 16
Paper Pile Height(mm) 1600
Weight(kg) 14000
Size(mm) 6000(L) × 2300(W) × 2450(H)
Rating 380V, 50Hz, 3-phase 4-wire


1. Feeder

With European technology, this feeder is available for conveying cardboard and corrugated paper. Stable & precise!

Automatic Die-Cutting Machine Model HMC-10802
Automatic Die-Cutting Machine Model HMC-10803

2. Fine Press Wheel

It can adjust itself according to different products’ sizes without scratching paper!

3. PLC Programmable Control System

The electrical par adopts PLC programmable control system, it makes the paper feeding, transporting and then die-cutting with full automatic control and testing. And it is equipped with a variety of security switch which can be automatically shut down in case of any unexpected situation.

Automatic Die-Cutting Machine Model HMC-10804
Automatic Die-Cutting Machine Model HMC-10805

4. Driver System

The main driver system adopts worm wheel, worm gear pair and crankshaft structure, to ensure the machine running stable and with high precision. The material of the worm wheel is special alloys of copper.

5. Belt Pressure Transporting Style

The unique technology of belt pressure transporting style, can avoid bending the paper round of the collision, and realize the full pressure of the paper feed type forward pressure on the traditional way.

Automatic Die-Cutting Machine Model HMC-10801

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