HMC-1320 Automatic Die Cutting Machine

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HMC-1320 automatic die-cutting machine is an ideal equipment for processing box & carton. Its advantage: high production speed, high precision, high die cutting pressure, high stripping efficiency. Machine is easy to operate; low consumables, stable performance with outstanding production efficiency. Front gauge positioning, pressure and paper size has automatic adjusting system.

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Max. paper size 1320 x 960mm
Min. paper size 500 x 450mm
Max. die cut size 1300 x 950mm
Max. running speed 6000 S/H(varies according to layout size)
Stripping work speed 5500 S/H(aries according to layout size)
Die cut precision ±0.20mm
Paper input pile height (including floor board) 1600mm
Paper output pile height (including floor board) 1150mm
Paper thickness cardboard: 0.1-1.5mm

corrugated board: ≤10mm

Pressure range 2mm
Blade line height 23.8mm
Rating 380±5%VAC
Max. pressure 350T
The compressed air amount ≧0.25㎡/min  ≧0.6mpa
Main motor power 15KW
Total power 25KW
Weight 19T
Machine size Not include operation pedal and pre-stacking part: 7920 x 2530 x 2500mm

Include operation pedal and pre-stacking part: 8900 x 4430 x 2500mm


This human-machine is going for improving the machine working efficiency by perfectly combined movement control system with servo motor, which ensure the whole operating can smooth and high efficiency. It also uses the unique design of paper suction structure to make the machine adapt to bent corrugated paperboard more stable. With non-stop feeding device and paper supplement it highly increases the working efficiency. With auto waste cleaner, it can easily remove the four edges and hole after die-cutting. The whole machine uses imported components which makes sure the more stable and durable using of it.

A. Paper Feeding Part

● Heavy suction feeder (4 suction nozzles and 5 feeding nozzles): Feeder is a unique heavy-duty design with strong suction, and can send out cardboard, corrugated and gray board paper smoothly. The suction head can adjust various suction angles according to the deformation of the paper without stopping. It has the function of simple adjustment and precise control. Feeder is easy to operate and feed paper accurately and smoothly, both thick and thin paper can be taken into account.
● The gauge is push-and-pull type. The push-pull switch of the gauge is easily completed with only one knob, which is convenient, fast, and stable accuracy. The paper conveyor belt has been upgraded to a 60mm widening belt, which is matched with the widening paper wheel to make the paper conveyor more stable.
● The paper feeding part can adopt fishscale feeding way and single sheet feeding way, which can be switched at will. If the thickness of corrugated paper is more than 7mm, users can choose single sheet feeding way.

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B. Synchronous Belt Transmission

Its advantages include: reliable transmission, large torque, low noise, low tensile rate in long-term operation, not easy to deform, easy maintenance and long service life.

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C. Connecting Rod Transmission

It replaces the chain transmission and has the advantages of stable operation, accurate positioning, convenient adjustment, low failure rate and long service life.

D. Die-cutting Part

● The tension of the wall plate is strong, and the pressure increases after aging treatment, which is strong and durable, and does not deform. It is manufactured by the machining center, and the bearing position is accurate and high precision.
● Electric voltage regulation and electric front gauge regulation make the machine operate fast, convenient and easy to use.
● The high pressure oil pump uses force type and spray type mixed lubrication on the oil circuit to reduce the wear of the parts, increase the oil temperature cooler to effectively control the temperature of the lubricating oil, and periodically lubricate the main chain to improve the use efficiency of the equipment.
● The stable transmission mechanism implements high-speed die cutting. The high precision swing bar platform increases the speed of the plate, and it is equipped with a gripper bar positioning stabilization system, which makes the gripper bar run and stop smoothly without shaking.
● The upper plate frame of the lock plate device is more firm and saving time, which makes it accurate and fast.
● The gripper bar chain is imported from Germany to ensure the service life and stable die-cutting accuracy.
● Ternary self-locking CAM intermittent mechanism is the main transmission element of die cutting machine, which can improve die cutting speed, die cutting precision and reduce equipment failure.
● The torque limiter can overload protection, and the master and slave are separated during the overload process, so that the machine can run safely. The pneumatic brake clutch with high-speed rotary joint makes the clutch fast and smooth.

E. Stripping Part

Three frame stripping way. All the up and down movement of the stripping frame adopts the linear guide way, which makes movement stable and flexible, and long service life.
● The upper stripping frame adopts two methods: porous honeycomb plate assembly stripping needle and electric cardboard, which is suitable for different stripping products. When the stripping hole required by the product is not too much, the stripping needle can be used to quickly install the card to save time. When more or more complex stripping holes required by the product, the stripping board can be customized, and the electric cardboard can be used to install the card quickly, which is more convenient.
● The aluminum alloy frame with floating structure is used in the middle frame to locate the paper, so that the stripping board is convenient to install the card. And it can avoid the gripper bar to move up and down, and guarantee stripping more stable.
● The aluminum alloy frame is used in the lower frame, and the card can be installed in different positions by moving the aluminum beam internally, and the stripping needle is used in the required position, so that the operation is simple and convenient, and the use of high performance.
● The stripping of the gripper edge adopts the secondary stripping method. The waste edge is removed on the upper part of the machine and the waste paper edge is passed out through the transmission belt. This function can be turned off when not in use.

F. Paper Stacking Part

The paper stacking part can adopt two ways: the full-page paper stacking way and counting automatic paper stacking way, and the user can choose one of them reasonably according to their product needs. For example, if the production of more cardboard products or general batch products, the full-page paper stacking way can be selected, which saves space and is easy to operate, and this is also the commonly recommended paper receiving method. If the production of large quantities of products or thick corrugated products, the user can choose the counting automatic paper stacking way.


Machine adopts multipoint programmable operation and HMI in the control part that is very reliable and also prolongs machine’s service life. It achieves the whole process automation (includes feeding, die cutting, stacking, counting and debugging, etc.), of which the HMI makes debugging more convenient and fast.

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