QLF-110/120 Automatic High Speed Film Laminating Machine

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QLF-110/120 Automatic High Speed Film Laminating Machine is used to laminate film on the printing sheet surface (for example book, posters, colorful box packaging, handbag, etc.). Along with the increasing environmental awareness, oil-based glue lamination has gradually replaced by water-based glue.

Our new designed film laminating machine can use water-based/oil-based glue, non-glue film or thermal film, one machine has three usages. Machine can be operated by only one man in high speed. Save electricity.

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Max. Paper Size(mm) 1100(W) x 960(L) / 1100(W) x 1450(L)
Min. Paper Size(mm) 380(W) x 260(L)
Paper Thickness(g/㎡) 128-450 (paper below 105g/㎡ needs manual cutting)
Glue Water-based glue / Oil-based glue / No glue
Speed(m/min) 10-80 (the max. speed can reach 100m/min)
Overlap Setting(mm) 5-60
Film BOPP / PET / metalized film /thermal film (12-18 micron film, glossy or matt film)
Working Power(kw) 40
Machine Size(mm) 10385(L) x 2200(W) x 2900(H)
Machine Weight(kg) 9000
Power Rating 380 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase, 4-wire


Max. Paper Size(mm) 1200(W) x 1450(L)
Min. Paper Size(mm) 380(W) x 260(L)
Paper Thickness(g/㎡) 128-450 (paper below 105g/㎡ needs manual cutting)
Glue Water-based glue / Oil-based glue / No glue
Speed(m/min) 10-80 (the max. speed can reach 100m/min)
Overlap Setting(mm) 5-60
Film BOPP / PET / metalized film /thermal film (12-18 micron film, glossy or matt film)
Working Power(kw) 40
Machine Size(mm) 11330(L) x 2300(W) x 2900(H)
Machine Weight(kg) 10000
Power Rating 380 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase, 4-wire


Servo shaft-less high speed feeder, suitable for all printing sheets, can run stably at high speed.

Large diameter roller design (800mm), use imported seamless tube surface with hard chrome plating, increase the film brightness, and thus improve product quality.

Electromagnetic heating mode: the heat utilization rate can reach 95%, so machine heats up twice faster than before, save electricity and energy.

Thermal energy circulation drying system, the whole machine uses 40kw/hr electricity consumption, save more energy.

Increase efficiency: intelligent control, production speed up to 100m/min.

Cost reduction: high precision coated steel roller design, precise control of glue coating amount, save glue and increase speed.


Paper Feeding Part

The high-speed feeder (Patented owned) adopts the servo shaft-less control system, which makes the paper feeding more accurate and stable. The unique non-stop paper feeding device ensures continuous production without film breaking and glue stopping.

QLF-110 12011
QLF-110 12012

Touch Screen

Realizes man-machine intelligent control. With 30 years of manufacturing experience in film laminating machine, SHANHE MACHINE has greatly improved the man-machine interface to meet the operator's simple control requirements.

Order Memory Function

The number of the last order will be automatically saved and counted, and a total of the data of 16 orders can be called out for statistics.

Auto Edge-landing System

Use servo motor along with control system to replace the traditional step-less speed change device, so that the precision of overlap position is very accurate, so as to meet the high requirements of "no overlap precision" of printing enterprises.

Side Gauge

The side gauge adopts servo control system, synchronous belt and synchronous wheel drive, so that the paper feeding is more stable, more accurate and reduces wear.

QLF-110 12013
QLF-110 12014

Preheating Roller

The preheating roller of the lamination part adopts steel roller (diameter: >800mm) and laminating steel roller (diameter: 420mm). The surface of the steel roller is all mirror-plated to ensure that the film will not be scratched in the process of drying, conveying and pressing, and the brightness and flatness are higher.

External Electromagnetic Heating System

The heating method adopts an energy-saving external electromagnetic heating system, which is fast in heating, stable and accurate in temperature control, and thermal insulated oil is reserved in the roller to make the temperature distribution evenly. The matching design of the large-diameter electromagnetic heating laminating roller and the rubber roller ensures the pressing time and the pressing contact surface during the high-speed lamination process, so that the pressing degree, brightness and adhesion of the product are guaranteed, thus effectively improve the product surface result. The large-diameter film preheating roller ensures the stable operation of OPP film without shifting to left or right.

Film Drying System

The film drying system adopts electromagnetic heating and evaporation, and its thermal energy circulation system can largely save electric energy. The automatic constant temperature control system is easy to operate and has a fast heating speed, which can make the OPP film stable and dry quickly, and achieve the ideal drying effect. The advantages of high heat, wide distribution and fast reaction speed make the film without shifting or shrinking. It is suitable for drying water-based glue.

QLF-110 1203

Auto Hydraulic System

The auto hydraulic system is controlled by input the pressure value through the touch screen, and the PLC controls the automatic pressure boost and pressure drop. Auto detection of paper leakage and empty sheet, and auto pressure relief effectively solve the problem of great loss and time wasting due to paper stick to the rubber roller, so as to greatly improve production efficiency.

Glue Coating System

Glue coater adopts step-less speed regulation and auto tension control, so as to more effectively maintain the stability of gluing volume. High precision coating roller ensures accurate coating effect. Two groups of standard glue pump and stainless steel tank suitable for water-based and oil-based glue. It adopts penumatic film coating device, which has the advantages of stability, speed and simple operation. Film unwinding shaft adopts magnetic powder braking to maintain stable tension. The special pneumatic film tensioning device ensures the tightness of the film when the film is pressed and raised, effectively preventing the failure of the film rolling.

QLF-110 1204

The glue section has an automatic inspection system. When the broken film and broken paper occurs, it will automatically alarm, slow down and stop, so as to prevent the paper and film from being rolled into the roller, and solve the problem of difficult to clean and roll is broken.

QLF-110 1205

High Speed and Energy Saving Cold Air Curl-elimination System

Paper cutting is not easy to be warping, more conducive to the smooth operation of the post-process.

Auto Bounce Roller Cutting Function

It adopts pneumatic clutch rubber roller instead of the traditional friction plate design, stable and convenient. The friction force can be achieved only by adjusting the air pressure, so as to ensure that the film has no tail and no serrated shape.

QLF-110 1206
QLF-110 1207

The Cutter Speed Realizes The Whole Machine Linkage

The slitting length can be set according to the paper size. The unit linkage system makes the main engine accelerate and decelerate. The cutter head is automatically increased and decreased synchronously without manual adjustment, reducing the scrap rate.

Disk Type Rotary Blade Cutter

The rotary tool holder has 6 groups of blades, which can be fine adjusted and controlled, and easy to operate. When adjusting, it interacts with the pressure roller, according to the size of the paper to achieve free control of speed.

Flying Knife (optional):

It is suitable for various film’s cutting process.

Flying knife (optional)
QLF-110 1209

Advanced Paper Stacking Structure

Paper stacking platform adopts strong lower air-suction design, no need to adjust the pressing wheel or pressing bar, so that the operation is easier, the paper conveying process is more stable. With double anti - impact reduction wheel, effectively slower the paper impact deformation. The down blowing structure effectively solves the problems of difficult in stacking thin paper and C-grade paper. The paper stacking is smoother and more orderly. Machine is equipped with three-sided padding board, can automatically reduce speed when meet messy paper, and can eliminate double sheet sending.

Auto Paper Stacker

Equipped with non-stop machine paper stacking function. Increased the stacking height: 1100mm. When the paper pile is full, the paper collecting platform will automatically come out, which replaces the traditional manual stuffing of wooden board, so as to reduce the labor intensity.

The machine will slow down automatically when the paper stacking part changes the board automatically. With no stop automatic paper collection function, so that the change board more stable and neat.

QLF-110 12010

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