LX-920/1426 Full Adsorption Intelligent High-speed Four Color Printing Die Cutting Machine

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LX-920/1426 Full adsorption intelligent high-speed four color printing die cutting machine is an ideal equipment for processing box & carton, and it is an integrated machine with the combination of printing and die cutting process. Its advantages: high production speed, good printing effect, high die-cutting precision, easy to operate and stable performance.

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Wall inside thickness 2400mm
Machine count speed 350 pcs/min
Eco. speed 80-280 pcs/min
Max. feed size 2050*900mm
Min. feed size 650*260mm
Max. print size 2000*900mm
Max. spacer size 2000*1300mm
Slotting width*depth 7*450mm (can adding blade, change slotting size)
Max. slotting size 2000mm
Cardboard thickness hang out sample 7.2mm
Main motor power 30kw
Fan motor power 7.5kw
Production power 30.5kw
Whole power 45kw
Printing registration accuracy ±0. 5mm
Slotting registration accuracy ±1mm
Weight 29T
Outside overall size 9000*5000*2200mm
Outside overall size(machine+stacking) 16000*5000*3200mm


Wall inside thickness 3000mm
Machine count speed 220 pcs/min
Eco. speed 80-200 pcs/min
Max. feed size 2650*1400mm
Min. feed size 650*400mm
Max. print size 2600*1400mm
Max. spacer size 2600*1800mm
Slotting width*depth 7*450mm (can adding blade, change slotting size)
Max. slotting size 2600mm
Cardboard thickness hang out sample 7.2mm
Main motor power 26kw
Fan motor power 7.5kw
Production power 30.5kw
Whole power 45kw
Printing registration accuracy ±0. 5mm
Slotting registration accuracy ±1mm
Weight 29T
Outside overall size 9000*5000*2200mm
Outside overall size(machine+stacking) 16000*5000*3200mm

Machine Details

A. Feeding Unit

a. Machine and Platform Separate

a) The electric control unit is equipped with an alarm bell, and the alarm bell continues to ring during the journey to ensure the safety of whole operator.

b) Pneumatic interlock device, lock firmly, convenient and accurate.

c) The main motor adopts frequency conversion motor. The frequency conversion controller with motor start protective devices, both energy saving and smooth start.

d) Host self-locking function: When the unit is not fully locked, the host cannot be started to ensure the machine and operator safety; When the host is working normally, the clutch function of the unit is automatically locked to avoid machine and personnel injury caused by misoperation.

bLead-edge Feeding

a) Frequency conversion control of wind pressure, to ensure the curved cardboard and thin paper board high-speed and accurate transmission.

b) Lift paper and drop paper using cylinder drive, both quick action and powerful.

c) The side baffle is adjusted by computer, the front baffle is adjusted synchronously, and the rear baffle box is adjusted by electric power.

d) Taiwan super resistant leading edge paper feed wheel is durable wear.

e) Separate sheet feeding device can be selected according to the need for continuous or separate sheet feeding to ensure larger scale. Cardboard can also be processed.

f) Install 15-inch touch screen, can automatically display the production quantity and production speed, and can be set production quantity.

g) The die cutting part is equipped with an interlock control switch to realize emergency stop and resume the paper feed. It is also equipped with the whole machine acceleration and deceleration button.

c. Dust Extraction Unit

The suction dust removal and brush dust removal device of the paper feeding part can remove a large number of dust and paper scraps on the printed surface of the cardboard to improve printing quality.

d. Patching Device

This machine is equipped with pneumatic patting device. The cardboard lateral positioning is more accurate to avoid waste. (Computer controlled timing)

e. Computer Device

a) The main motor adopts variable frequency motor, which can save energy up to 30%.

b) The fan is controlled by independent frequency converter and the wind pressure is adjustable.

c) The main screen adopts PLC control (man-machine interface).

d) Printing part and die cutting part are equipped with automatic zeroing device. General cartons use automatic zeroing device, which try to print a copy and adjust to the correct position.

e) Automatic plate lifting device. The printing roller rise and fall in order to avoid multiple dipping ink in the printing plate.

f) 15 inch color touch screen control paper feed section, including memory reset, infrared photoelectric count, and preset order quantity of processing.

B. Printing Unit

a. Printing Roller

a) Outside diameter:295mm.

b) Steel pipe surface grinding, which is made of hard chrome plated material. Roll body horizontal and circular direction marking reference line.

c) The printing roller is electrically adjusted to the left and right, the maximum movement is about 10mm, equipped with a limiting device (PLC touch screen control).

d) Printing phase and axial adjustment: the phase adopts planetary gear structure, controlled by PLC touch screen and electric digital 360° adjustment (shutdown, startup can be adjusted). Frequency conversion motor drive according to the requirements to change the plate roller circum-rotation speed, and accurate to 0.1mm, which is fast and convenient.

e) Loading and unloading printing plate, by the foot switch and servo control of positive and negative rotation.

bPrinting Pressure Roller

a) Outside diameter is ɸ175mm. Steel pipe surface grinding, which is made of hard chrome plated material.

b) Using high-quality seamless pipe fine processing, by computer dynamic balance correction to guarantee smooth operation.

c) Printing pressure roller gap dial is adjusted by computer, and the adjustment range is 0-15mm.

c. Metal Roller Mesh

a) Outside diameter is ɸ213mm.

b) Steel pipe surface grinding, which is pressed mesh and made of hard chrome plated material. It is corrected by computer dynamic balance to ensure smooth operation, consistent dot and uniform inking.

c) The roller with wedge type overrunning clutch, which is convenient and fast to even ink and wash ink. Pneumatic mesh roller with automatic lifting device and idling device.

d) The mesh gap dial is manually adjusted.

d. Ceramic Roller Mesh

a) Outside diameter is ɸ213mm.

b) The surface of the steel pipe is coated with ceramic grinding and laser engraving.

c) The number of lines is 200-700 (line number is optional).

d) It is more delicate, exquisite, wear-resistant and long life than steel mesh roller printing.

e. Rubber Roller

a) Outside diameter is ɸ213mm.

b) The surface of the steel pipe is coated with wear-resistant rubber and corrected by computer dynamic balance.

c) Rubber roller high special grinding, the ink transfer effect is good. The rubber hardness is 65-70 degrees.

f. Phase Adjusting Mechanism

a) Planetary gear construction.

b) Printing phase is adjusted by PLC and servo (running, stop can be adjusted).

g. Provide Ink System

a) Pneumatic diaphragm pump, stable ink supply, easy to operate and maintain.

b) Ink filter can filter impurities and circulating pneumatic inking.

h. Printing Phase Fixing Device

a) Cylinder brake.

b) When the phase of the machine is adjusted separately, the brake mechanism restricts the operation of the machine and maintains the original gear position.

C. Slotting Unit

a. Die Cutting Roller (Under Roller)

a) Outside diameter is ɸ260mm (without blade).

b) The die cutting roller is made of cast steel and the surface is ground (hard chrome plated).

c) Computer dynamic balance correction to increase running stability.

d) The spacing between the screw holes for fixing the tool die is 50mm.

e) Applicable die height 25.4mm.

f) Die cutting thickness 16-18mm (for three layers), 13-15mm (for five layers).

b. Rubber Roller (Up Roller)

a) Outside diameter is ɸ389mm. The surface is ground (hard chrome plated).

b) Computer dynamic balance correction to increase running stability.

c) Manually adjust the clearance with the die roll.

d) Rubber pad thickness is 8mm, width is 250mm.

cLateral Move, Repair Device

a) Mechanical transverse is 40mm, which use moving device. And the die-cutting uniform weighing device automatically compensates line speed, can make die-cut rubber pads wear evenly to extend service life.

b) Repair using electric repair device, which improve the rubber pad reuse rate and can be repaired 3-4 times.

c) Die cutting roller pneumatic automatic separation device, which reduce rubber pad wear, thereby improving service life.

d. Longitudinal output of waste belt, easy to clean up waste paper.

D. Transmission Gear

a) The main transmission gear is made of high quality alloy steel, which is tempered, carburized, quenched and grinded.

b) Six-level accuracy, smooth operation, low noise, long life and small wear, which can ensure that the printing color accuracy is unchanged for a long time.

c) The gear of the whole machine is locked with keyless connecting ring and no gap connection to ensure the color accuracy.

E. Fueller Device

a) Mechanical oil pump.

b) Circulating oil supply. Gear oil amount is uniform, and oil leveler to ensure that each group of oil level balance.

c) Lubrication using a closed spray lubrication system to ensure transmission accuracy and life.

F. Stacking Machine

a) The receiving arm can be operated manually or automatically, and an insurance mechanism is provided to prevent the sudden fall of the receiving arm and ensure the safety of operator.

b) Bed lifting strong chain drive.

c) The stack height is 1700mm.

d) The bed table automatically adjusts the tilt speed with the height of the cardboard pile, and the lifting motor with brake function, so the bed table can remain in a fixed position and will not slide.

e) Pneumatic paper lifting mechanism, when the cardboard is stacked to a predetermined height, the paper pallet automatically opens and the support holds the cardboard.

f) Flat wrinkle belt to prevent slide of cardboard.

Main Function and Feature

● The whole machine strict according to Europe CE safety standard designed, whole machine and computer adsorption international famous brand France Schneider, Germany Simons etc., stable quality and reliability. Adopting man-machine interface, computer order management, easy to operate.

● The whole wall and main parts are aging treatment and tempering to eliminate metal internal stress. CNC grinding machine grinding processing are made by high-precision machining center.

● The shaft and roll of the whole machine are made of high quality steel, which is grinded and coated with hard chromium. It is corrected by computer with high precision dynamic balance.

● The drive gear of the whole machine is made of 20CrMnTi alloy steel, carburizing and quenching treatment, hardness and guarantee long-term use of color accuracy.

● The whole machine transmission parts (shaft, tooth connection) are adopt keyless connection (expansion sleeve) to eliminate the connection clearance. It’s suitable for long-term high-speed operation with large torque.

● The whole machine transmission bearing and the main transmission components are made of Japan NSK brand, easy maintenance and long-term service life.

● The lubrication system of the whole machine adopts spray type automatic lubrication and is equipped with dual oil circuit oil level balancing system.

● Machine adjustment preset function, including paper feed, printing, die cutting, automatic zero and memory automatic recovery. The whole machine can store common orders, the number of orders can be stored up to 1000, and the order is quickly changed.

● The working gap adjustment of the whole machine is quickly adjusted by the computer, and the adjustment is fast and convenient.

● The host adopts frequency conversion control to start and run more smoothly and save energy.

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