QHZ-1700 Full-auto High Speed Folder Gluer

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QHZ-1700 is a heavy-duty model of folder gluer. Basically it applies to process big box like, corrugation carton or other corrugated packaging. It is suitable for making regular side-sticking carton, 2-fold corrugated board with E/B/A-flute and 5-ply board packaging carton (special box can be customized, while 4/6-corner box type are optional). Machine is diverse for different kinds of boxes and is easy in adjusting & operating.

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Paper weight corrugated carton, paper cardboard, Flute B (Three layers), E, F, N, BE, A (Five layers)
Max. speed(m/min) 250
Overall dimension(mm) 17600(L) ×2100(W) ×1600(H)
Weight(kg) 9500
Power consumption(kw) 20
Box type Side Gluing, Lock Bottom double wall box and 4&6 corners, other boxes which can be added in the same model.


A. Feeding Part

● Japan Nitta feeding belts - 10 pcs
● Equipped with adjustable feeding knives - 2 pcs
● Equipped with vibrator motor - 01 set
Independent and flexible. Getting the feed right is the key to fast, accurate folding.
1) Driven by AC motor
2) Sets in 25% of the time of the other feeder
3) Feeds all types of material
4) Cuts down makeready times
5) Reduces waste
6) Pneumatic and automatic lifting device for feeder up plates


B. Aligning Part

Independent part could guide the paper box to a parallel handrail that allows a perfect blank alignment.
1) Correct the deviation
2) Facilitate the subsequent accurate folding of the paper cassette
3) Perfect folding quality throughout the machine

C. Pre-folding Part

With so much of today’s carton production being destined for auto-erection lines, ensuring accurate, reliable opening of your finished product has never been more important.
1) Long pre-folder
2) Extra wide lower left-hand belt
3) Unique design, protect the box surface
4) Up carrier is driven and pneumatic up/down system
5) Creasing system for die cutting lines


D. Lock Bottom

3 pcs of conveying boards
Flexiblelock bottom structure, easy fixing and operation.

E. Folding Section

Special long folding section, boxes can be well folded and formed in this section.
● Inner couriers are adjusted by motors.
● Rail-guide for belts are used to avoid belts going to sides.
● NITTA folding belts.
Middle up/down carriers will be lifted up/down by pneumatic system.


F. Self-Folding Part

1) Special long folding section, boxes can be well folded and formed in this section
2) Inner couriers are adjusted by motors
3) Rail-guide for belts are used to avoid belts going to sides
4) NITTA folding belts
5) Driven by invertor

G. Pneumatic Up Adjusting Plates System

The up-adjusting plates system are automatic.


H. Trombone

1) Single and easy operation for upper/down expansion.
2) Adjustment; left/right twin boards moveable for piling.
3) Accountable sensor.
4) Finger attachment in trombone section to reduce (OPTIONAL).
5) The scissor pasting in lock bottom cartons.

I. Pressing Part

1) Single and easy operation for upper / down expansion adjustment; left / right twin boards moveable for piling
2) Counter sensor
3) Driven by invertor


J. 4 & 6 Corners System

The hook system is driven by YASKAWA servos controlling system with photoelectric sensors to achieve back folding function, it has high precision and good efficiency.

Straight box Blank QHZ-1700 Lock bottom boxes Blank QHZ-1700
 image025 Max Min  image026 Max Min
C 1700 200 C 1700 280
E 1600 100 E 1600 120
L 815 90 L 785 130
4 corners boxes blank QHZ-1700 6 corners boxes blank QHZ-1700
Max Min Max Min
 image027 C 1600 220  image028 C 1650 280
E 1400 160 E 1600 280
H 150 30 H 150 30

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