School-Enterprise Cooperation, Sharing and Win-Win

Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the adjustment of the national economic structure, my country is moving from a big manufacturing country to a manufacturing power. The rapid economic development requires a large number of skilled personnel. In recent years, there have been frequent "skilled workers shortages" in various places, especially the "Decision of the State Council on Vigorously Developing Vocational Education", which clearly states that it is necessary to "rely on industry and enterprises to develop vocational education and promote the close integration of vocational colleges and enterprises", and "vigorously promote the training model of combining work with learning and school-enterprise cooperation", emphasizing that the shortage of senior skilled workers in our country has become a bottleneck restricting economic development. Therefore, accelerating the construction of skilled personnel has strategic significance for the overall situation.

In order to implement the strategy of innovation-driven and talents-strengthening the province, and do a good job of "attracting, well-used, retaining, mobile-flowing, and good service" for doctors and postdoctoral fellows, Guangdong Shanhe Industrial Co., Ltd. has actively responded to the call of the national policy, and has jointly established the Guangdong Provincial Post-press Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Technology Research Center and the Guangdong Provincial Doctoral Workstation with Shantou University for many years to achieve mutual support, mutual penetration, two-way intervention, complementary advantages, mutual resources, and benefit sharing. And established a fully-participating skilled personnel training system to cultivate talent of post-press equipment skills urgently needed by the society on a larger scale and at a higher level, assisted the society in relieving employment pressure, further alleviated the "skilled worker shortage", and devoted ourselves to China's manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing.


In the process of school-enterprise cooperation, based on the school training to cultivate the professional foundation and procedural operation methods of post-press equipment, SHANHE MACHINE provided students with specific positions for professional ability training, and improved students' methodological ability with high efficiency through specific practice in a short period of time. And enabled students to continuously advance with the process of practice accumulation, and their ability level is continuously improved, so as to realize the cultivation of students' excellent post-press mechanical professional skills in the process of "learning by doing". At the same time, students accepted SHANHE enterprise management in the front line of production and service, received hands-on teaching from masters in actual production positions, work and live with SHANHE employees, experienced strict production discipline, meticulous technical requirements, and felt the value of labor cooperation and joy of success. And established a good professional awareness, in-depth training of students' organizational discipline concept, good professional ethics, serious and responsible work attitude and team spirit of unity and cooperation.

With the gradual formation of economic development and industrial structure, SHANHE MACHINE has more strategic vision and certain economic strength, continuously enhances the initiative and enthusiasm for participating in school-enterprise cooperation, further enhances the company's sense of social responsibility, and enhances the company's popularity and social influence. And cultivate and reserve more skilled talents for the development of enterprises in the field of high-end intelligent and high-quality post-press equipment, maintain the inexhaustible power of development, and continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Post time: Apr-27-2023