The Soul Person of the Enterprise – Chairman (Shiyuan Yang)

The continuous growth and vigorous development of Guangdong Shanhe Industrial Co., Ltd. in the post-press equipment industry cannot be separated from the spiritual and soul guidance of the chairman-Shiyuan Yang.


Pay attention to scientific and technological progress and innovation, and enhance the vitality of enterprise.

Science and technology are primary productive forces and decisive factor for economic development. Chairman (Shiyuan Yang) actively responded to the call of the national science and technology innovation training policy and devoted himself to the development of post-press equipment. He founded Guangdong Shanhe Industrial Co., Ltd. in 1994, committed to the research and development of high-end intelligent, high-quality post-press machine, and became an expert of one-stop automatic post-press equipment.

Reform and innovation, and the unity of knowledge and action are the important cornerstones of the enterprise's road to the future.

With the continuous growth of "SHANHE MACHINE", Chairman (Shiyuan Yang) pays more attention to the credit of the enterprise, adheres to the purpose of "integrity management", strengthens the ability of independent innovation, and actively implements the concept of honest tax payment and law-abiding operation for the enterprise. The company has become a private technology enterprise in Guangdong Province, a national A-level taxpayer, and has been awarded the honorary title of "Contract and Credit Honoring Enterprises" enterprise for 20 consecutive years. At the same time, it continuously promotes the enterprise's motivation to move towards a road with more efficient and more technological content. The company passed the National High-tech Enterprise Certification in 2016 and successfully passed the re-examination in 2019, which is in the leading position in the subdivided industry "special equipment for post-press".

Don’t forget the original intention and build the foundation for development.

Over the years, Chairman (Shiyuan Yang) has adhered to the professional development strategy, focused on and deeply cultivated in the industrial chain for a long time, and gave full play to the work service concept of "unity and hard work, customer first" of all employees, so that the company can maintain the continuous growth of the total performance, and the increasing of output and turnover year after year. The company has been recognized as a Guangdong SRDI Enterprise, and has achieved leapfrog development.

Implement a diversified and internationalized development strategy to condense the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

Chairman (Shiyuan Yang) believes: "The sustainable development of the road of scientific and technological innovation and the expansion of the overseas market of enterprises are bound to be inseparable from the construction of independent brands and brands that increase export income." In 2009, the company successfully registered the " OUTEX" trademark in China, continuously established brand advantages, and was widely recognized by customers, which greatly improved the recognition of products in the market, and promoted industrial development and capital operation step by step, and deduced a rich and colorful chapter.

The enterprise and its own development should grasp both hands, and move forward together.

Chairman (Shiyuan Yang) believes: "Only by shouldering the heavy responsibility of enterprise development, promoting enterprise development with a "ownership" mentality, and combining personal growth with enterprise growth, can we truly express ourselves and realize the value of life." When an employee can continuously develop his thinking ability in the enterprise, he can see more choices and find better solutions to problems in work and life, and the entire enterprise will continue to develop healthily. As an enterprise manager, Shiyuan Yang actively sets an example, manages the enterprise well, provides employees with a good working atmosphere and environment, and encourages employees to think and grow proactively. In 2020, the chairman was awarded the "Leading Talent of Scientific and Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship", and has 25 patents under his name, setting an example for the company's employees.

Post time: Apr-25-2023