QHZ-1100 Full-auto High Speed Folder Gluer

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QHZ-1100 is our latest enhanced light-duty model of folder gluer. Basically it applies to process cosmetic box, medicine box, other cardboard box or N/E/F-flute corrugation box. It is suitable for 2-fold, side-sticking and 4-fold with lock-bottom (4-corner and 6-corner box is optional). QHZ-1100 is diverse for different kinds of boxes and is easy in adjusting & operating.

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Max. paper thickness 800gsm (cardboard) or N/F/E-flute corrugation
Max. speed(m/min) 350
Jog speed(m/min) 10
Fold box thickness(mm) 20
Max. feeding width(mm) 1100
Machine size(mm) 15100(L) x 1600(W) x 1650(H)
Weight(kg) 6000
Power(kw) 14
Air compression(bar) 6
Air consumption(m³/h) 10
Gas tank capacity(L) 60
Rating 380 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase, 4-wire


A. Feeding Part

Driven by an independent motor for frequency conversion and speed regulation, it is linked with the speed ratio of the main machine to control the paper spacing stably and effectively. The feeding knife frame and the left and right baffles are pneumatically lifted up and down for easy adjustment. The paper support frame is equipped with a high-performance vibrating motor, which is convenient for paper feeding during production.


B. Correcting Part

It can effectively correct the deviation of paper output and ensure the accuracy of paper output and complete the pre-folding action.

C. Folding Back Part

Long-distance three-plate folding back part,1st folding line is 180 °, 3rd folding line has 135 °. It is use for easy opening boxes. The segmented upper belt plate combined with the special design can be adjusted according to the needs of the product, providing a place for the installation of special box-type accessories.


D. Self-folding Part

Independent motor, fixed folding knife, making the product forming more powerful and stable. The left and right outer folding belts can fine-tune the belt speed independently to improve the precision of product folding and forming. The function of the specially designed left and right outer folding belts is convenient to adjust according to the position of the product's retractable belts.

E. Pressing Part

Single and easy operation for upper/down expansion adjustment, left/right twin board moveable for piling belt is fine adjustable on height according to pile demand, improving the production efficiency. Conveying belt coordinate with main motor at AUTO model, equipped with counter and ejector.

QHZ-1100 Full-Auto High Speed Folder Gluer06

Straight Line Boxes

QHZ-1100 Full-Auto High Speed Folder Gluer07

Double Walls Boxes

QHZ-1100 Full-Auto High Speed Folder Gluer08

Crash Lock Bottom Boxes

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