HSG-120D Full-auto High Speed Varnishing Machine

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HSG-120D Full-auto High Speed Varnishing Machine is used in coating varnish on the paper surface in order to brighten the papers. With automatic control, high speed operation and convenient adjustment, it can totally replace manual varnishing machine, and provide clients a new processing experience.

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Max. paper size(mm) 1200(W) x 1200(L)
Min. paper size(mm) 350(W) x 400(L)
Paper thickness(g/㎡) 200-600
Machine speed(m/min) 25-100
Power(kw) 46
Weight(kg) 7800
Machine size(mm) 18760(L) x 1900(W) x 1800(H)


Fast speed 90 meter / minute

Easy to operate (automatic control)

New way in drying (IR heating + air drying)

Powder remover can also be used as another coater to coat varnish on the paper, so that papers with twice varnish will be much brighter.


1. Auto Paper Feeding Part

With an accurate feeder, the new designed glazing machine automatically and continuously feeds paper, ensuring the smooth conveying of different sizes’ paper. Besides, this machine is provided with a double-sheet detector. With a stock table, the paper feeding unit can add paper without stopping the machine, which ensures continuous production.

2. Feeder

The paper feeding speed can reach 10,000 sheets per hour. This feeder adopts 4 feeder suckers and 4 feeder blowers.


3. Coating Part

The first unit is the same as the second one. If add water then the unit can be used to remove printing powder. The second unit is a three-roller design, whose rubber roller adopts particular material so that it can evenly coat product with good effect. And it fits for water-based/oil-based oil and blister varnish, etc. The unit can be conveniently adjusted on one-side.

4. Circuit Control

The motor adopts Variable-frequency Drive, which is stable, energy-saving and safe.


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