HBK-130 Automatic Cardboard Lamination Machine

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Model HBK Automatic cardboard lamination machine is SHANHE MACHINE’s high-end smart laminator for laminating sheet to sheet with high alignment, high speed and high efficiency features. It’s available for laminating cardboard, coated paper and chipboard, etc.

Front and back, left and right alignment precision is super high. Finished product will not deform after the lamination, which satisfy the lamination for double side printing paper’s lamination, lamination between thin and thick paper, and also, lamination of 3-ply to 1-ply product. It’s suitable for wine box, shoe box, hang tag, toy box, gift box, cosmetic box and most delicate products’ packaging.

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Max. Paper Size(mm) 1280(W) x 1100(L)
Min. Paper Size(mm) 500(W) x 400(L)
Top Sheet Thickness(g/㎡) 128 - 800
Bottom Sheet Thickness(g/㎡) 160 - 1100
Max. Working Speed(m/min) 148m/min
Max. Output(pcs/hr) 9000 - 10000
Tolerance(mm) <±0.3
Power(kw) 17
Machine Weight(kg) 8000
Machine Size(mm) 12500(L) x 2050(W) x 2600(H)
Rating 380 V, 50 Hz


A. Full Auto Intelligent Electronic Control System

Machine uses motion control system to work with PLC to realize automatic control. Position remote controller and servo motor allow worker to set paper size on the touch screen and adjust the top sheet and bottom sheet’s sending position automatically. The imported sliding rail screw rod makes the positioning precise; at the pressing part there is also a remote controller for adjusting the front and back position. Machine has a memory storage function to remember each product you have saved. HBZ reaches the true automation with full functionality, low consumption, easy operation and strong adaptability.


B. Electric Components

SHANHE MACHINE position HBK machine upon the European industrial standard. The whole machine uses international famous brands, like Trio (UN), P+F (GER), Siemens(GER), Omron (JPN), Yaskawa (JPN), ABB (FRA), Schneider (FRA), etc. They guarantee machine operation’s stability and durability. PLC integrated control plus our self-compiled program realize the mechatronics manipulation to maximally simplify the operation steps and save labor cost.

C. Double Feeder

Independent servo motor controls up and down feeders to send paper. High speed calculation on running, smooth conveying, suitable for different thickness printing paper; we abandon the old mechanical transmission way, to realize small paper sheet’s super high lamination efficiency, which are SHANHE MACHINE HBK-130’s first advantage.


Use SHANHE MACHINE’s independent R&D patented product: feeder conveying, with high end printer use feeder’s design concept, double suction + four conveying air suction strengthened feeding way, maximally can suck 1100g/㎡ bottom sheet with precision suction; up and down feeders all have gantry-type pre-loading platform, leave space and time for pre-loading paper, safe and reliable. It totally satisfies high speed running’s requirements.

New special automatic protection system:
1. when feeder is return to zero, speed will slow down automatically to reduce the impact to the feeder.
2. If feeder is not reset, machine will not start so that to prevent paper waste which caused by malfunction.
3. If machine senses no top sheet was sent, bottom sheet feeder will stop; if bottom sheet already sends, lamination part will stop automatically to ensure no glued sheet will not be sent to the pressing part.
4. Machine will stop automatically if top and bottom sheet stuck.
5. We add bottom sheet feeder phase compensation data setting to make the alignment more precise.

D. Lamination and Position Part

Use servo motor in driving to fit for different sizes paper. Motion controller calculates alignment precision in high speed, front gauge positions top and bottom sheet at the same time, realize high precision lamination at high speed.

New concept design which separates the front gauge and main transmission, separately add a servo motor in controlling, positioning and tracking. With SHANHE MACHINE’s self-developed program, truly realize high precision at high speed, greatly improve production speed, efficiency and controllability.


E. Driving System

Machine uses original imported synchronizing wheels and belts in transmission. Maintenance free, low noise, high precision. We shorten the up and down alignment chains, add multi servo motor in running, shorten the cycle of operation, decrease chain error and increase the speed, to realize the perfect sheet to sheet lamination.


F. Glue Coating System

In the high speed operation, in order to coat glue evenly, Shanhe Machine designs a coating part with a special coating roller and a glue-splash-proof device to resolve the glue splashing problem. Full automatic adhesive supplementary and recycling device together helps to avoid waste of glue. According to product demands, operators can adjust the glue thickness by a controlling wheel; with the special striped rubber roller it effectively solves the problem of glue splashing.

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