HTJ-1080 Automatic Hot Stamping Machine

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HTJ-1080 Automatic Hot Stamping Machine is the ideal equipment for hot stamping procedure that designed by SHANHE MACHINE. High precise registration, high production speed, low consumables, good stamping effect, high embossing pressure, stable performance, easy operation and high production efficiency are its advantages.

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Max. paper size(mm) 1080(W) x 780(L)
Min. paper size(mm) 400(W) x 360(L)
Max. stamping size(mm) 1060(W) x 720(L)
Max. die cutting size(mm) 1070(W) x 770(L)
Max. stamping speed(pcs/hr.) 6000(depends on paper layout)
Max. running speed(pcs/hr.) 7000
Stamping precision(mm) ±0.12
Stamping temperature(℃) 0~200
Max. pressure(ton) 350
Paper thickness(mm) Cardboard: 0.1—2; Corrugated board: ≤4
Foil delivering way 3 longitudinal foil feeding shafts; 2 transversal foil feeding shafts
Total power(kw) 40
Weight(ton) 17
Size(mm) Not include operation pedal and pre-stacking part: 5900 × 2750 × 2750
Include operation pedal and pre-stacking part: 7500 × 3750 × 2750
Air compressor capacity ≧0.25 ㎡/min, ≧0.6mpa
Power rating 380±5%VAC


Heavy Suction Feeder (4 suction nozzles and 5 feeding nozzles)

Feeder is a unique heavy-duty design with strong suction, and can send out cardboard, corrugated and gray board paper smoothly. The suction head can adjust various suction angles according to the deformation of the paper without stopping to make the suction paper more stable. There are easy adjustment and precise use control functions. Both thick and thin, accurate and stable paper feeding.

Automatic Hot Stamping Machine Model HTJ-10501
Automatic Hot Stamping Machine Model HTJ-10502

Paper Feeding Belt Deceleration Mechanism

Each paper will be buffered and decelerated when the front gauge is in place to avoid deformation due to high paper feeding speed, so as to ensure stable accuracy.

Synchronous Belt Drive

Reliable transmission, large torque, low noise, low stretch rate in long-term operation, not easy to deform, convenient maintenance and long service life.

Automatic Hot Stamping Machine Model HTJ-10503
Automatic Hot Stamping Machine Model HTJ-10504

Lengthways Foil Unwinding Structure

Uses two groups of foil unwinding structure that can pull out the unwinding frame. The speed is fast and the frame is stable, durable and flexible.

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