HBF-3/1450/1700/2200 Smart High Speed Flute Laminator with Flip Flop Stacker

Short Description:

HBF-3 is our 3rd generation model of high speed flute laminator. Max. speed is 200 meters/min, which highly increases the production efficiency. European standard electric components ensure the efficient and stable output. American Parker motion controller, German SIEMENS PLC, German P+F sensor, comprehensively ensure the fast and precise lamination. Enlarged diameter of corrugation feeding roller, stainless steel coating roller and the pressing roller, makes the lamination between printing paper and bottom paper better.

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Max. paper size

1450×1450 mm

Min. paper size

360×380 mm

Top sheet thickness

128 g/㎡-450 g/㎡

Bottom sheet thickness

Sheet to sheet lamination: 250+gsm

Max. working speed

200 m/min

Lamination error

±0.5 - ±1.0 mm

Machine power

Lead edge type: 28.75kw

Belt type:30.45kw

Actual power

Lead edge type: 25.75kw

Belt type:27.45kw

Machine size(L×W×H)

22248×3257×2988 mm

Machine weight

7500 kg+4800 kg


Max. paper size

1700×1650 mm

Min. paper size

360×380 mm

Top sheet thickness

128 g/㎡-450 g/㎡

Bottom sheet thickness


Sheet to sheet lamination: 250+gsm

Max. working speed

200 m/min

Lamination error

±0.5 - ±1.0 mm

Machine power

Lead edge type: 31.3kw

Belt type: 36.7kw

Actual power

Lead edge type: 28.3kw

Belt type: 33.7kw

Machine size (L×W×H)

24182×3457×2988 mm

Machine weight

8500 kg+5800 kg


Max. paper size

2200×1650 mm

Min. paper size

380×400 mm

Top sheet thickness

128 g/m²-450 g/m²

Bottom sheet thickness

Corrugated board

Max. working speed

200 m/min

Lamination error

<±1.5 mm

Machine power

Lead edge type: 36.3kw

Belt type: 41.7kw

Actual power

Lead edge type: 33.3kw

Belt type: 38.7kw

Machine size (L×W×H)

24047×3957×2987 mm

Machine weight

10500 kg+6000 kg


Max. speed is 20,000 pcs/hr.

One-touch Control, high precision high speed.

EU standard, secure operation.

Applies to the lamination between colorful printed paper and corrugated board (A/B/C/E/F/G-flute, double flute, 3 layers, 4 layers, 5 layers, 7 layers), cardboard or grey board, and also suitable for “sandwich lamination”.

3rd Generation Machine Comes with New functions:
Digital input. One-touch start includes:
A. Pre-loading part adjustment
B. Feeder’s FWD & BWD adjustment
C. Top sheet paper size
D. Bottom sheet paper size
E. Automatic pressure adjustment
F. Glue amount adjustment
G. Servo positioning
H. Paper distance setting
I. Pressing part’s FWD & BWD adjustment
J. Paper stacker linkage adjustment
K. Fault display
L. Self-lubrication system
Truly realize the operation of digitization, information, visualization.

acsdv (1)

Enlarged dia. stainless steel roller

acsdv (2)

Servo high speed feeder, auto adjust

acsdv (3)

Servo lead edge conveyor, big suction

acsdv (4)

Servo belt conveyor

acsdv (6)

One-touch start connect with stacker

acsdv (5)

Dual-bearing structure, prolong life


Auto pressure & glue amount adjust system

acsdv (7)

Auto lubrication system

Flute Laminator Details

A. Full auto intelligent electronic control system

American Parker motion controller with PLC automatic control, position remote controller and servo motor allow worker to set paper size on the touch screen and adjust the top sheet and bottom sheet’s sending position automatically. The imported sliding rail screw rod makes the positioning precise; the pressing part also has a remote controller for FWD & BWD inching control. Machine has a memory storage function to remember each product you have saved. HBZ-3 reaches the true automation with full functionality, low consumption, easy operation and strong adaptability.

B. Electric components

● Shanhe Machine positions model HBZ-3 upon the European machine industry standard. The whole machine uses international well-known brands, like PARKER (USA), MAC (USA), P+F (GER), SIEMENS (GER), BECKER (GER), OMRON (JPN), YASKAWA (JPN), SCHNEIDER (FRA), etc. They guarantee machine operation’s stability and durability. PLC integrated control plus our self-compiled program realize the mechatronics control to maximally simplify the operation steps and save labor cost.
● The machine adopts the motion controller (Parker, USA) to achieve direct signal transmission without interference, stable and accurate.
● PLC (SIEMENS, Germany) precise control, when the bottom sheet does not come out or feeder sends double sheets, the main machine will stop to reduce the loss. More than 30 years of production experience in laminating machine makes the program system more stable and the laminating precision is higher.
● The machine uses photoelectric detector (P+F, Germany), which has no requirements on the color of the top sheet and the bottom sheet. Black can also be recognized.

acsdv (9)

C. Feeder

● Independent research and development of patented products: Feeder. With the design of high-end printer’s feeder, it is a reinforced paper feeding device with accurate paper suction, smooth paper feeding. The max. paper feeding speed of feeder is 20,000 pcs/hour.
● Automatic electric control. Feeder will automatically reach in place after inputting paper size on touch screen and do fine adjust. The large suction nozzle pump is especially improved for warped paper.

D. Dual-way of top sheet loading

● The whole board paper pile can be pushed into the paper feeder without the track, which is suitable for the whole board paper of large paper products.
● The paper can be arranged neatly outside the machine, and then pushed into the paper along the track, which makes it accurate and neat.
● The alignment has the function of "automatic electric adjustment". It is equipped with a gantry type pre-loading platform, space and time are left for preparing paper loading to ensure the safety of staff. It achieves high efficiency work.

acsdv (11)
acsdv (12)

E. Bottom paper conveying part (Optional)

● Lead edge type (sun wheels are driven by servo motor with strong air suction):

It is controlled by a unique servo, and its large blowing air flow and increased paper feeding friction are more conducive to the smooth delivery of warped, rough, heavy and large size bottom paper. Targeted detail design: Each feeding rubber wheel is equipped with one-way bearings to ensure accurate delivery and stable feeding. The paper feed rubber wheel has a long service life, which can reach 5-10 years, thereby reducing the labor force of replacing the rubber wheel and after-sales costs. This type is suitable for any corrugated board, and is more suitable for multi-layer cardboard laminating.

Optional: The right cylinder can be added to pat the paper and ensure that the bottom paper is neat.

Upgrade the independent adjustment motor, that is, the bottom paper will be automatically centered, and can be independently adjusted through the right side, which is convenient to solve the problem that the bottom paper does not meet the regulations.

● Belt conveying type (punched belts are driven by servo motor with strong air suction):

The corrugated board is smoothly transported by the perforated belt, which is especially suitable for the lamination between colorful printed paper and corrugated board (F/G-flute), cardboard and grey board. The bottom paper will not be scratched during conveying.

acsdv (13)
acsdv (14)

F. The space of bottom sheet part (Optional)

● Ordinary type, the space length is 2.2 meters, which is more space saving.
● Extended type, the space length is 3 meters, which is conducive to the loading, stacking and operation of the large size bottom paper.

G. Driving system

● We use imported timing belts instead of the traditional wheel chain to solve the problem of inaccurate lamination between top sheet and bottom sheet due to the worn-out chain and control the lamination error within ±1.0mm, thus fulfill the perfect lamination.
● All bearings on the left and right sides of the lamination part are improved to double-bearing structure, which can effectively extend the service life of the bearing. With automatic oil supply system, it is easy to maintain the machine, and the bearing is not easy to damage.
● Reinforced structure: the wall plate of the flute laminator is thickened to 35mm, and the whole machine is heavy to ensure high-speed and stable operation.

acsdv (15)

H. Increase the diameter of glue coating system (Optional)

Increase the diameter of the coating roller. In order to make sure the glue is coated evenly without splashing and debonding during the high-speed running, SHANHE MACHINE designs a glue coating system which uses stainless steel pattern roller. The special rhombic pattern is for coating glue on the paper, which saves the glue consumption and reduce the water content of the laminated product, it’s very suitable for doing sheet to sheet lamination. Special glue blocking device effectively solve the glue splashing and flying problem. Automatic glue replenishing device with glue recycle system can avoid wasting glue. Make sure products’ toughness and no debonding.

Vertical Paper Stacker Details

LFS-145/170/220 Vertical Paper Stacker is for connecting with flute laminator to realize automatic paper stacking function. It stacks up the finished lamination product into a pile as per setting quantity. Machine combines the functions of flipping paper intermittently, stacking paper on front side up or back side up and tidy stacking, etc. Till now, it has helped many printing and packaging companies to deal with the labor shortage problem, optimize the working state, save labor intense and highly increase the total output.

acsdvb (1)

LFS-145/170/220 Vertical Paper Stacker, with One-touch Start function, no need operator to adjust. A conveying part is added for smooth transition. Before paper go to the flipping unit, paper will be pat in order on all four sides. Flipping unit can set on the computer for one-flip, two-flip or no-flip. After paper is collect into a pile, machine will ring bell and push the pile out of the stacker, then operator can use a pallet jack to move the pile away.

A. Integrated control: flute laminator control paper stacker, one-touch start

Enter the paper size on the touch screen of the flute laminator, and the paper stacker can be connected immediately. Each paper patting board and location block can reach its place at the same time. The paper stacker also has an independent touch screen, HMI, easy to learn. SHANHE seeks to add digital operation and improve intelligent control on mature machines, thereby reducing the requirements for operators.

B. Transition conveying part (Optional)

This part has cylinder type and movable type options, and a transition conveying part is installed between the pressing part and the paper stacker to achieve effective paper separation. Operator can take away the waste paper at this part in time to increase product quality. This part can also be removed and be changed to manual collecting.

acsdvb (2)
acsdvb (3)

C. Three-level servo control speed changing

● After paper leave the pressing part, because paper is overlapped, must separate the paper. The whole stacking conveyor is designed into three phase acceleration for different corrugation length product. Perfect dividing.
● You can adjust the height of the flipping paper sheet (Max. 150mm) to decide the quantity of each flip, by reach that quantity, paper will be sent to the flipping unit automatically.
● It pats the paper from the front and two sides to make the paper piled neatly.
● Accurate positioning based on variable frequency technology. Non-resistant paper pushing.

D. Servo control

  • Use frequency converter to push paper in; flipping unit uses servo motor control.
acsdvb (4)

E. Supporting Part

● Rear positioning, and paper patting from 3 sides: front side, left side and right side. Ensure the order stacking.

● Pre-stacking device for non-stop delivering. Paper stacking height is adjustable between 1400mm to 1750mm.

F. Delivering Part (Optional)

Automatic supplement paper pallet function. When the whole board is automatically pushed out of the stack, the paper pallet is automatically supplemented and automatically raised, and the machine continues to receive paper.

  • Logistics system, can automatically supplement paper pallet, push out paper pile when it’s full, and use pallet jack to move it. Prevent paper delivery got stuck or paper pile fall.
  • Safety protection: if operators go inside the machine, machine will have voice alert in English and automatic shutdown.
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acsdvb (6)
acsdvb (5)

G.Stacker's working efficiency analysis list:

acsdvb (8)
acsdvb (9)
Lamination Product 1450*1450 laminate Q’ty 1700*1650 laminate Q’ty 2200*1650 laminate Q’ty
Single E/F-flute

9000-14800 pcs/hr

7000-12000 pcs/hr

8000-11000 pcs/hr

Single B-flute

8500-10000 pcs/hr

7000-9000 pcs/hr

7000-8000 pcs/hr

Double E-flute

8500-10000 pcs/hr

7000-9000 pcs/hr

7000-8000 pcs/hr

5-ply BE-flute

7000-8000 pcs/hr

6000-7500 pcs/hr

5500-6500 pcs/hr

5-ply BC-flute

5500-6000 pcs/hr

4000-5500 pcs/hr

4000-4500 pcs/hr

Note: the stacker speed is based on the actual paper boards' thickness. Each stacking thickness is from 0 to 150mm. This analysis is based on theoretical calculation. If boards are too warping, the stacking paper quantity may be relatively less.

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